Back to where I can read Jacques Pauw’s The President’s Keepers from a safe distance. I don’t think I could have read this book if we’d still be living on South Africa, said Sporty. I agree.

So back to my comfy first world problems. School. The world famous Finnish school.

My mom is annoying. My mom doesn’t let me have privacy. She butts in to my private things and I don’t like it. She sometimes tells me to stop watching tv when I just started. She tells to stop playing Roblox and tells me to read a book. She tells me I can’t have Roblox. She gave me a computer that does not work. #sorrymom 

Talky also had options to write five sentences (still wondering why he wrote six…) about My hobby: swimming or My favourite book. For some reason My mom is annoying got chosen.

My child doesn’t like school. Or let me rephrase: he loves going to school, just not studying. In South Africa he would be, what they call, a typical boy. He’ll get there. Here in Finland he causes an overflow of Wilma messages. Parental (maternal?) headache. Hours of homework. Extra reading. In English, and in Finnish. Teräsharjajynssäys was one of the words he learnt today.

Forgotten books. Today he did remember Maths books. He didn’t remember his Finnish books, nor did he remember his Science books. Pretty soon I’ll redirect all Wilma messages “straight to trash”… #badmom

I may not miss South African politics, but how do I miss South African school. In in the morning, out in the evening. Homework completed. Sports done. Sometimes he is too chatty, was as bad as the feedback got. Here he sometimes gets to do his assignments in the hallway because it’s easier for him to focus there. OK.

Honestly, I also miss him being so dependent on me/us. Way less arguing about screen time, homecoming times, visiting friends (whose parents I don’t know – oh wait, I don’t really know the friends either), eating crap, and behaving like a preteen. In South Africa he would have been my baby until age of 18, until driver’s licence.

Solution? There is always a solution. Always.

Getting to the office at 7am in order to be at home for Talky’s homework at 3pm? Homework from 3pm until 5pm? Continue working 5pm until 7pm (if Talky’s swimming/doing athletics)? Go running 7pm? Get home 8pm? Groceries? Laundry? Be grumpy? Repeat tomorrow? Remember to be patient and stay positive? Stop whining! Praise lack of Afrikaans!


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    1. Completely! I guess knowing there is an alternative makes the situation even more painful. But I’ll/we’ll get used to it.

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