How is our everyday life in Helsinki?

Those of you who read about our life in Cape Town (in Finnish at that time) might remember a few “everyday routine” series.

So here we go. No editing, 15 minutes to complete a post. From Sunday to Saturday, seven days.

Sunday in Helsinki

It’s Father’s Day. Brings me back to unfairness of having one Mother’s Day and two Father’s Days (the SA one in June and Finnish one in November). Talky hasn’t quite yet figured out that giving is as much fun as receiving. Therefore Sporty gets some olive oil (I forgot to bring from Cape Town) and foot créme bought from Lidl the night before.

Our living arrangements at the moment are mildly put interesting. I decide to start house (=flat) hunting while Sporty and Talky go swimming. Of the two flats I visit one has wrong location and the other is absurdly overpriced. Project started. Still waiting for some passion. Or even interest. My problem is that I’m location wise very limited. Unfortunately funds are limited, too. Price tag for a not-so-perfect three bedroom flat is € 548,000 (roughly R 9 million). This will be a challenging project.


Our interesting living arrangements include a bathroom door that doesn’t close. The handle fell of in early September. No miracle of self-fixation has occurred, so I decided to fix it. Fix it? Another project started.


In the evening we did something very Finnish: an ice hockey match. It was surprisingly entertaining: even Finns can be loud at times.



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