Day two of seven. Monday.

School starts at 8:10am. I leave to the office at the same time with Talky, at 7am. He takes a bus, I take a metro. It’s not raining.

Then it’s work. Emails, meetings, calls, writing speaks, requesting quotations, juggling with customer needs and technical limitations. A nice lunch meeting with excellent food. A late afternoon conference call from home with Talky doing his homework by the same table.

At 5:30pm it’s time to go offline. It’s also laundry time, and time for a short run in between loads. Cooking also happens in between loads. We are back to prepared food. Eines in Finnish. Had to visit a dictionary for that word as we never ever ate eines in Cape Town. Besides instant noodles. If Talky gets to choose what’s for supper it will be either sushi (not happening in Finland apart from special occasions) or Pick n’ Pay shrimp noodles.

Talky goes to bed, I continue my laundry evening until 10pm, Sporty reads The President’s Keepers.

Pics below taken during the in between laundry run. Still enjoying being able to be outside after dark.

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