Pros of being an entrepreneur (well, not really as I’m more of a freelancer) is freedom. Just not sure if freedom to stay in pyjamas the whole day, staring at the ceiling, and feeling sorry for myself is the kind of freedom I want and need.

Not to mention that as a proper Finn I’m perfectly capable of participating skype meetings, Exceling, and discussing about getting a dehumidifier into our Cape Town flat. Between these tasks I cry, stare at the ceiling, and feel sorry for myself.



was a day that I’d happily erase and delete right now. On the other hand I know that allowing myself one life sucks day brings me back to my feet the next day.

After finishing the life sucks workday, I went out. Went out to get some fresh air and avoid Talky seeing me in that (one wrong word and I’ll burst into tears) state. As I hadn’t eaten anything the whole day, running was out of the question, and even walking felt too demanding. So I ended up first taking a random tram, then a random bus, then another tram, and finally a metro to Itäkeskus (hadn’t been there for ages) before getting back home.

Talky was a happy yet sleepy chappy when I got home. I think already one day without that stupid phone has worked like a miracle.

Finally. If you are interested in reading about the Finnish education system in a different light, please visit Hip Bitch and her Four Chicken blog. Very well written. Unfortunately only in Finnish. Makes me wonder how much of ill-being in this welfare state is caused by system knows best.

I didn’t take any pictures on Wednesday, so this one is the first one in my blog media archives. Taken in 2010.


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