was a lot better. Already the fact that I was keen to go for a run in the morning was a sign that it’s going to be a decent day.

I addition to juggling with some work related curve balls, missions accomplished included:

  1. Taking a party dress to a tailor. “You buy a big dress” said the tailor, originally from Russia or Estonia. Me (thinks) “well, at least I always lose – not gain – weight, when I’m stressed”.
  2. As the dress is black (most of the clothes in Finland are black, grey or dark blue) I ordered a pink clutch bag from a UK online store. Collection point was an automated box pile next to a grocery store. Enter a code, get your parcel.
  3. Meeting my mentee. Always cheers me up, as she is very American and all smiles. Young and enthusiastic.

In the evening we had to skip finishing Talky’s maths homework, and even starting with his French homework, as he’d seen someone to have a heart attack (or stroke or…) in the swimming hall during his swimming class. Instead of coordinates and quadrilaterals (I also learnt a new word!) we discussed about death, CPR, ambulances and hospitals.

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Phew, it’s good that Thursday was better for you than the previous days. I was just thinking that what can we do to cheer you up. As it is said Thursday is full of hope <3 Do try to keep up the positive attitude!

    And hopefully the festive season will bring many parties to wear your little black dress 😉

    1. I’m thinking it was just a short bad sad phase, since today looks pretty ok, too. Perhaps we need to organise a party where we all can wear evening dresses, it would be nice to wear the dress and the pink feather bag (not really my usual style) more than once 🙂

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