is in a way similar to Winter in Cape Town. It’s only a month, yet feels like three. Focus is on survival, a day at a time.

There is certain beauty in the darkness, but when there is nothing but darkness that beauty quickly loses all value. This Autumn also has been the wettest in Southern Finland in 30 years. It’s been easy to relearn how to run in wet shoes and clothes, and how to make your face look like you just ate three lemons.

But hey, somehow we all survived, and now it’s 11 months to the next November! Progress has been made on all fronts, even on remotely managing a renovation in Cape Town.

We’ve (well, Sporty) even managed to import the first batch of Truth Coffee to Helsinki. In case you live in Helsinki, go visit one of the coolest cafés in Helsinki, Early Bird, and have a Truth Flat White with their super tasty all-day-breakfast. A piece of Cape Town in Helsinki – in terms of taste of food, vibe, and of course coffee.


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