Lake people like lakes. Lakes that come with clear boundaries and unquestionable limits. Lakes with calm winds and nearby shores. Cosy safe cottages with a fireplaces and terraces. Where everything stays the same, and where one goes again and again, year after year. Certainty and predictability providing comfort and happiness.

Sea people like seas. Seas with no beginnings and no endings. Big open spaces only surrounded by horizons. Storms and unfamiliar harbours. The feeling of not knowing what today will bring. Uncomfortable and ever-changing conditions creating excitement. People to whom “same” causes itchy pain, and “unknown” happiness.

Neither species is better or worse than the other. Just different.

I grew up with lake people. To be honest, I think 99 per cent of Finnish people are lake people. That’s why we are at ease with all the petty rules. Tend to associate change with something negative, something to be afraid of. The more the same, the happier the people.

Then there are ocean people. People who just do and go without knowing if they’ll ever be back again. Who do weird and crazy and extraordinary things. Who enjoy the moment as it will (luckily in their mind) never come back again. There are many ocean people in South Africa. Some sea people. I think all South African lake people have left the country long ago, and now live in the UK or Australia.

My goal is to become less oceany and more seay. I doubt I’ll ever become lakey.

The images – besides the featured one taken some years ago in Hout Bay – are from days when I used sail. I kinda look happy, don’t I? [and young, and I still have and wear some if not all of the clothes…]



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