To save some time – we are culturally bound to busyness – I bought Talky a rug online. You know, here in the developed part of the world we do everything online and digitally. The rug was supposed to be delivered in 2-3 days. A week passed, so did the second week, and I had already forgotten the rug. I guess we buy so much stuff here that we can’t even remember what we have bought…

So I emailed (no phone number available) the Swedish rug company. They emailed back (still no phone number available) and told me to contact the delivery company. I contacted. Questioning why me, why not them. With the delivery company we exchanged a few emails, slowly escalating from friendly to furious. I so love this in-the-name-of-efficiency online world! Tracking numbers, log-ins, passwords, usernames. In the end I more or less yelled, in writing, that I NEED THE RUG TODAY BY 4 PM. 30 minutes and I got my rug. What a victory.

Another online customer service fight I’m having is finding out what is the php memory limit for a hosting packing for a company I’m doing a project for. The contact person, who kindly replied to my third email (again, no phone number), asked me to call their customer service center, only 2.19 € per minute. What really made me laugh, is their for fee customer service being “branded” as Business Guru (Yritysguru in Finnish). I refused to spend time or money on getting information that should be available either on the contract, or their website. The end result? I got another email address…

Getting pissed with lousy faceless customer service made me feel like back in Cape Town. Only instead of hopping into my car and driving to Sea Point to sort out my Telkom issues, or yelling at plumbers, handymen and property management agents, I got to write nasty emails and demand. Thinking something might actually happen. In South Africa emails are (were?) completely useless. Nobody ever replies.

Now back to work. Lunch break over.

Ps. The other day I created a list for my usernames and passwords. 119. I have a dream this digital wonderland will soon do something to keep me username-password-sane.


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