Getting dressed was so easy in Cape Town, says Talky when putting on third layer of clothes. Value of stuff lost was so much lower in Cape Town, I’m thinking.

The truth is, I think we all are loving the proper white winter, arriving the day I landed in Helsinki after five weeks in Cape Town. [No more Cape Town for me, at least not until December. Visiting is like having been dumped by someone you love, and every time you bump into that someone, the pain of loss becomes real again.] Not seeing snow in five years makes winter something special. It’s lighter and whiter, and days are getting longer. Glorious sunny days perfect for re-exploring traditional winter activities make me, well, at least like living in Helsinki.

Talky gave a try to snowboarding. And fell in love with it. I went ice swimming. Wouldn’t say I fell in love with it, but it did feel good. Refreshing. We all went ice skating. Something I’ve always loved. Not to forget some magnificent sunrise and sunset runs.

Icing in the cake: It’s always warm inside. And we even now have our own sauna. A sauna that would make all South Africans die, as it really is a sauna+shower+toilet all-in-one for all the people in the household. For some reason Finnish developers (and law-makers?) seem to think it’s totally ok to have a person brushing teeth next to a person having a number two, next a person having a shower. I guess as many of us Finns have very limited privacy at home, that’s why we need so much personal space “out there”.


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