One of my Let’s Close This Chapter project was making a photobook. What started as a fun project – so fun I at some point considered exploring the opportunity to making it a business – almost ended up one of those Then When projects. Thanks to everybody in South Africa who contributed in the form of letters and/or photos. Highly appreciated, you made us smile.

That project included going through thousands of photos. About 300 of them are now in the five centimetre thick photobook that came by UPS all the way from America yesterday. If you belong to the category of friends and family, feel free to send me a request by email to share to book online with you. No offence taken if you won’t – there are only a few things more boring than looking at other people’s photos.

Below 10 I visually like the most. Six are from South Africa, but only two from Cape Town. Three are from Namibia, and one from Botswana.


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2 thoughts on “TOP 10 PHOTOS

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely book! Often smiling, sometimes tears in my yes, I enjoyed re-reading stories of your life and breathtaking travels in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Well done!

    1. Based on photos travelling was what we mostly did during those years… Funny how few photos covered everyday life from supermarkets to the complex we lived in and roads we always took. Plus all the missing important people we were always busy with something else besides taking photos.

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