aka trying to be a little less rational and analytical.

Sometime in August I had a huge energy boost accompanied with some optimism with time management. This sudden boost resulted in spending Wednesday evenings on a creative writing technique course, and Friday evenings on a photo art project course.

Creative writing techniques I’m very much loving. Those weekly three hours are full of embarrassment, laughter and tiny bits of success. This week we wrote poems. I hate poems. Or rather: I just don’t get them. For some reason they’ve always felt slightly phoney and trying-hard-to-be-artsy to me. So it was a real surprise really like doing them. We write in Finnish, and this is my favourite (of all three I managed to spit out of my pen) and quite funny by Google translate (which isn’t going to make Finnish translators redundant any time soon):

The mold smells wet,
the sun is shorter than in the summer.
Although the 18-year-old is officially an adult,
I confess that I lived for myself as a dark cold.
The diversity of people is like a overgrown, variegated garden.

With the photo art project I’m just getting started with. I haven’t really touched my “proper” camera since we left Cape Town, so my main objective is to get excited about taking photos once again. As I struggle finding anything worth photographing here in Finland, I’ve decided to experiment. Not sure where I’ll go from here, but wow mom, those are pretty cool made my day in an era where nothing I do or say is even remotely cool. No filters, no Lightroom, no Photoshop. The ones with zoom-playing were taken today on my cycle ride along banks of river Vantaa, the window/reflection ones one evening last week. The night one a couple of hours ago from our balcony.


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