That weekend happiness was short lived.


On Monday morning the alarm clock went off at 6:30am as there was a manuscript deadline looming at 6pm, and the customer was only to deliver the draft with comments in the morning. I have a really bad habit of checking the news (or Facebook) first thing in the morning. No internet connection. Bloody s&%t, no no no not today. Had Telkom disconnected us because I only paid the overdue bill on Saturday?

I went to the loo. It was kinda dark. I went downstairs. No lights, no internet. No electricity. NO COFFEE!

Went on Facebook. Yes, Facebook (or Twitter) is where you find out all the important news here. Turned out there was a power failure that City of Cape Town said they’ll start attending at 9am. NOOO! I NEED MY COFFEE. To save water I hadn’t taken a shower in the evening, so I was all rain water sweaty and definitely didn’t feel like walking to Woolies to get coffee. I didn’t feel like taking an ice cold shower, either.

Luckily the client had sent the file already in the evening, so at least I was able to work. So there I was, staring at the screen, brain going on less than 50 per cent, following the power percentage going down on my computer. Then boom. At 1pm the power came back.


I’m well aware Cape Town needs rain. However, our flat is clearly disliking it. A throwback to what happened a year ago took place in the afternoon, when I realised there is once again some damp under our lounge floor. Couldn’t help but laughing.

To detect where the water is getting in, I stayed up half the night. With a flashlight I inspected every single possible angle, corner and joint, whenever there was a downpour. It was cold, uncomfortable and even creepy. Eventually – this morning – I came to a conclusion that there must have been a horizontal rain at some point, and the water came in through small holes underneath the sliding doors. So I’m not really going to be bothered when the guy who did the renovation last year isn’t taking my calls.


This morning I had two conference calls to Finland. Luckily my excuse of being in Africa allowed staying on audio only. We’re still on copper. ADSL, you remember? A day without morning coffee, and a night hunting waterholes hardly makes anybody very presentable. So here I went all day long, in my pyjamas and woolly socks, hair all messy, with a cold sore covered with toothpaste. Trying to sound professional and well-prepared.


I guess I at some point in my life used to be pretty fit. Now I’m not. Three months with very little running and next to zero hiking feels and shows. I can’t even run up and down Chappies! So instead of hiking with fit and adventurous people, I have to start looking for some easy beginner’s hikes. How depressing is that. Based on pictures, people attending beginner’s hikes even all have grey hair!


6 thoughts on “ON THE LESS SUNNY SIDE

    1. Haha, thanks. Always good to be back. These things just make me feel like “back home”. Still surviving here with my First World Problems.

  1. On the less sunny side: there is a burglary spree in Sea Point and Green Point. Security gates crow-barred in seconds between 6-9PM when people are at home. Our building was hit and three apartments were broken into but luckily they went for the flats that were empty. Now I hear that some people have been held at knifepoint ūüôĀ Not very cool, especially with a small baby.

    1. I know and feel – at least sort of – your pain. Makes my stomach turn around, that today while I was happily sitting by my desk, less than a mile away an on-duty police officer first shot his wife and then killed himself. And it’ll be old news by tomorrow.

  2. Vesipulmia, sähkökatkoja, kahvi joka jää väliin kuten suihku Рolet tosiaan takaisin Afrikassa! Kiva kuitenkin lukea kuulumisiasi taas! Terkkuja Maputosta!

    1. Tosiaan – t√§n√§√§n p√§√§tin olla DIY ja maalata muutaman rempanj√§lkeisen krempan itse seurauksella ett√§ olin ihan maalissa ja vesi oli tietty just’ silloin taas mennyt poikki. Mutta t√§√§ll√§ sent√§√§n kortit ja maksut toimivat – toisin kuin siell√§ teill√§p√§in *kauhistunutnaama*

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