aka things not likely to happen in ones real universe. Not that I’m saying they necessarily all happen in the parallel universe either.

1. Have a few too many glasses of wine when having a braai, and then drive home without even realising it’s not ok.

2. Go on a five day hike as the only female with four men of whom you’ve met only one once before. Men of whom majority are Muslim.

3. Have chocolate and wine for dinner because there is nothing else in the fridge.

4. Get into a car with a stranger – a black male stranger – and in minutes end up having a good laugh with him.

5. Have patience to wait for water/electricity/internet for hours.

6. Have dinner with ones son’s best friend’s family.

7. Have a female friend who has a girlfriend.

8. Order four portions of thai food by accident.

9. Voluntarily wake up at 4 am.



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