The past months have proven, that it is – at least for me – impossible to live in Finland without getting caught in that work-sleep-work-sleep-work-sleep mindset. Maybe it’s in the air, maybe it’s in the food, maybe it’s in the water.

For the past months my social life has been next to none. Reading books has been next to none. Taking photos has been next to none. Even checking on Facebook or Instagram has been next to none. Needless to say, thoughts of loosing my mind and living what feels somebody else’s life, have crossed my overloaded brain more than once.

Today I had a chat with a friend in Cape Town. To my horror that chat made me realise I’ve also lost my sense of humour. How sad is that. I just no longer get that witty sarcastic humour of Capetonians that I so much love, and that always made me laugh.

An example:

Capetonian: “I’m pretty sure there are no lakes where you’ll be hiking.”
Me: “Of course there are lakes, you pretty much cannot find a place without a lake here.”

Epic. Fail.

Capetonian: “Oh it’s raining. That must feel weird as it so rarely happens there.”
Me: “Not really as it rains quite often here. But we’ve had a really nice spring so far.”

Epic. Fail.

So I solemnly declare myself as an uptight humourless Finn. A statement that’s further backed up with a realisation that I haven’t laughed for months. Smiled yes, laughed not.

Talky has been losing, too. Definitely not his sense of humour but his Xbox. It’s been out-of-order for a good two months now. Those months really have been good in a lot less arguing, a lot less whining, a lot less Wilma messages way. A lot more of a happy bubbly boy.

Talky experienced another loss, when his team lost a basketball final recently. He was so disappointed he cried. Which secretly made me happy, as for a moment he was still more of a little boy than a preteen.


2 thoughts on “Losing

  1. I understand very well what you are feeling! As my kids are older, it’s much easier to keep up with my social life but to be truthful, it still requires a lot of initiative and coordinating which can be extremely exhausting. However, I need to have something else than work or chores at home to keep me sane!

    It would be very easy to rush home from work everyday especially since my commute is so long (one freaking hour!!!). So what happens is that I actively contact my friends and arrange meet-ups, mostly in Helsinki. As I’m busy with out boat and garden on the weekends, these meet-ups are usually after work. Now that it’s not dark all the time, I also have more energy for all this coordination. But this means being married to my calendar and there aren’t many opportunities for spontaneous visits or coffee with friends. 🙁

    If you haven’t tried audiobooks yet, I really recommend them – you can listen to them whilst running, walking, commuting… I’ve managed to get back on track with my “reading” through them. There’s some great deals going on from the different suppliers to try the service for free for two weeks to a month.

    1. Can’t even imagine two hours of commuting time in a day… As I work from home, apart from meetings, mine is zero. What comes to longer days, they most definitely give energy. I even stayed up until 2am last Friday when we were boating (and sipping wine after that). Books. I love audio books. Just that for some reason they make me fall asleep. Luckily I only listen to them in bed 🙂

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