It’s holiday time! We all survived (school) year number two “back”. By now I’m counting on reading, being quiet and sitting still being overrated what comes to kids of today succeeding in the future. Talky’s grades (which they officially only get at the end of 6th grade) are the same as in South Africa. Only the meaning is very different…

For some holiday is time to relax. For our family not so much.

A basketball camp in Helsinki, a swimming camp in Oulu, a trade fair in Johannesburg, a get together for adoptive families with children from South Africa in Central Finland, a trek in the Alps. When one is coming, another is leaving. The third one being already gone.

Until in the beginning of July we’ll all go to the airport together and fly to Cape Town. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer holiday in a place where it’s wet and cold and damp?

Well, we do. Mainly because Talky, who hasn’t been back to CT since Christmas 2017, really wanted to go back for a longer time. When schools are open. So for a whole five weeks of Finnish short summer we’ll be enjoying electric blankets, polyester clothes and cold showers. As well as affordable winter menus, places with no internet connection and, most importantly, meeting friends.

The last one is a bit troublesome. As for Talky, South African time stopped when we left Cape Town. In his mind he and his CT friends are still the ones who went easter egg hunting, had mixed sleepovers and played hide and seek. I’m afraid it might be quite a shock for him to realise his “old” friends have changed, too. Moved, changed schools, made new friends, started new hobbies.

Two years in South Africa is a lifetime. Two years in Finland is two years in a row.


Initially I started blogging in 2013. The underlying idea was a way to stay in touch with people in Finland. For the past two years the blog has been a way to stay in touch with South Africa, Cape Town, and people there.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to this blog and go back to writing in Finnish. About something completely different.

I’ll just have to download all the texts from here to my memoir (just kidding… not happening) and then that’s the end of CT meets Helsinki. There are some who have been following this journey from the very beginning. Respect. Thank you. Thank you who started reading my stream of consciousness when we left Cape Town.

Go well. Go to Cape Town. Come to Helsinki.


In the spirit of nostalgia the picture is one taken of me in 2010. It is the one and only image on my first blog post from November 2013. Title of the 79 word long post was “Suomi eteläafrikkalaisin silmin”.


4 thoughts on “STOPPING TIME

  1. Innolla uutta blogia odotellessa! Varmaan me vanhat tilaajat saadaan siitä sitten heti ilmoitus kun luettavissa?

  2. Toivottavasti minäkin löydän uuteen blogiin! Voi tosin olla, että sitä ennen otan yhteyttä yleisen paluumuutto-opastuksen merkeissä 🙂

    PS. Terveisiä täältä kylmästä E-Afrikasta. Tosin oon Johannesburgissa nyt, en CT:ssa.

    1. 🙂 Ota ihmeessä. Tai jos joskus paluun jälkeen haluat Afrikka-nostalgoida, järkätään treffit.

      Talvi-Johannesburg on ihana! Johannesburg ylipäänsä on mun mielestä mahtava paikka, tykkään paljon enemmän kuin Kapkaupungista. Paitsi että sieltä puuttuu ne tärkeät: meri ja vuoret.

      Kiva kesää teille & sujuvaa paluumuuttoa aikanaan!

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