Blogger. Me and I. Forty something women. Mother of one, Talky. Wife to a man, Sporty. I’m the writer and photographer, Talky will be making some videos.

Finnish. Born in Kajaani, raised in Helsinki. Lived in Cape Town, South Africa more than four years before remigrating to Helsinki in July 2017.

Loves loves loves travelling. Outdoors, road trips, adventures, camping, remote off-grid places. Runs long distances, slowly but surely. Hikes here and there. Takes plenty of bad and some good photos. Drinks sauvignon blanc and bulletproof coffee.

Blog. How is life in Finland? After almost five years, what is odd and what is not?

How does a black nine year old South African Finnish get settled into the world famous Finnish education system? How does one start a new chapter in life at 40+? Without a home, job or social security? Will we die because of darkness? How do we survive in a spontaneity averse culture?

How will our perspective to the complicated country called South Africa evolve as time goes by? Will we miss never-boring South African politics? Now-nows and no-shows? Braai and biltong?

Note. In case you are wondering. 2014-2017 this blog used to be in Finnish, about life in Cape Town and South Africa. That blog is history now. Cheers to endings and beginnings!